These Summer Days…

IMG_2403IMG_2287Summer has just begun in Australia – the season of sand, saltwater and sweet, sweet sunshine. The air is humid and gusts of hot air caress perspiring skin. We flock to the beaches and mark our territory with vibrant towels on the white sand amongst the seagulls.


IMG_2407With great fervour we leave our woes behind and sprint into the whitewater without care for the cold. Tossed to and fro by the breakwater we laugh and scream with delight. The tide tugs at our limbs, threatening to steal us away from the safety of the red and yellow flags.

IMG_2428Β Β IMG_2421Once tired of being tossed about like rag dolls in the surf, we set out on a journey of discovery. At low tide, rock pools inhabited by all manner of marine life – aquariums of fish and urchin and crab – display their wonder on the tidal platforms. We climb around the ragged cliffs, searching for hidden caves.


Afternoon storms roll in off the mountains, bringing an end to our recreation. In muggy melancholy we depart the shore, but not without first consuming fish and chips – the finest of coastal cuisine. This concludes our trip to the beach – my preferred way to spend these summer days.

All photos captured with iPhone5s.

Location: North Beach, Wollongong / Werri Beach, Gerringong.


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