The Secret Garden

In the centre of Paddington there is what from Oxford St appears to be a mediocre square of grass and modern architecture – your standard urban greenspace. Yet hidden below street level is a magical oasis. Designed by architect Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, the ruins of the historical reservoir originally used to pump water from the Botany Swamps to the suburbs of Sydney have been refurbished into this unique sunken garden. It is spaces like this that cement (pun fully intended) my love for this city.

nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-43nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-35            nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-54

nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-55nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-53nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-42

nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-36nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-41

All images captured with either Canon EOS 600D or iPhone5s

Location: Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney.


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