A Weekend of Adventure

There is nothing I love more than adventuring into His creation, camera in hand and friends by my side. Last weekend I did exactly this – road-tripping down to the beautiful Jervis Bay with one of my closest friends, my cousins and their church friends. We spent three days camping, swimming, bushwalking, chilling, eating, rock-climbing, praying and soaking up the beautiful sun. We explored cliffs and caves, watched the sunset over the ocean, danced on the beach late into the night, laughed til our stomachs ached and observed the wildlife – snakes, birds, kangaroos, lizards and frogs were in abundance! The highlight of the weekend was the spontaneous arrival of no less than 40 Brazilian tourists at 11pm on the second night as we were lounging outside our tents contemplating sleep. They appeared out of nowhere, set up camp on the beach and were gone by morning – the strangest sight I’ve ever seen! Our little escape encapsulated everything I enjoy most about summer in Australia, and I am thankful to have shared it with a unique group of hilarious, adventurous, wonderful people.Cave Beach nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-77nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-74 nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-60nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-106 nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-69nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-111nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-103nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-88 nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-98nelsonlastdays (1 of 1)-97

All photos captured with Canon Eos 600D.

Location: Booderee National Park, NSW.


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