An Unexpected Adventure

There is nothing I love more than a spontaneous day of adventure; the kind planned the night before, true carpe diem style.Β Yesterday was one of these days, and it was wonderful. We explored rock pools and rugged headlands, observed the flow of the ocean, pondering it’s power and immensity and the majesty of it’s Creator. We threw caution to the wind and climbed past signs declaring “no entry”, feeling like rebellious teenagers as we sat with waves crashing violently only metres away. We drove around eroding cliffs, up winding mountain paths through rainforests, along country roads with trees embracing overhead, forming natural tunnels of greenery. I only took a few photos, distracted by wonderful company and excellent conversation; but I think they capture the spirit and beauty of the day well:

scarborough (1 of 1)-34

scarborough (1 of 1)-32scarborough (1 of 1)-10

scarborough (1 of 1)-30 scarborough (1 of 1)-29 scarborough (1 of 1)-5 scarborough (1 of 1)-17scarborough (1 of 1)-35scarborough (1 of 1)

All photos captured with Canon Eos 600D.

Location: Coal Cliff Headland, Wollongong & Bald Hill Lookout, Stanwell Tops.


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