The Golden Afternoon: a poem

The sun shone radiantly

In the cerulean sky,

An incandescent bulb

FiercelyΒ blazing

Through space and time

Into earth’s atmosphere.

nelsonbay (1 of 1)-87

scarborough (1 of 1)-36

Ray’s shattering the surface

Of the water, sparks

Bouncing off the glittering ocean

An alchemist’s dream.

The golden light of the afternoon,

Bedazzling, brilliant, blinding.


nelsonbay (1 of 1)-104




I wandered along the shore,

Footsteps carving a path

Through the aureate sand,

Washed away by the incoming tide.

A fleeting moment

Of halcyon solitude.


nelsonbay (1 of 1)-46

The golden afternoon,

A reflection of the glory

Of the One who made it all.


All photos captured with Canon Eos 600D.

Location: ‘Little Beach’, Nelson Bay, NSW.

(December 2014)


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