The End of Summer

If I had to summarise this season of summer in one word, it would be this: adventure. These past few months have been filled with numerous days spent at the beach, soaking up the surf, sand and sweet sunshine. I have spent countless hours chasing after sunsets, clambering over headlands and through bushland to capture the glorious light of the fading day. I have walked, run and swum more kilometres than I would have thought possible a year ago. God has done incredible healing in my body, and I awake each day with a freshness and energy that I have not known since my early youth. Summer 2014/15 has been one great big adventure, and oh, how thankful I am for God who has given me the strength to enjoy it to the full.

The second last day of this spectacular season was spent with a dear friend snorkelling amidst the beautiful marine life of Clovelly. By this time next year, I hope to have learnt to scuba dive. Adventure is calling.Β 

All photos captured with Canon Eos 600D.

Location: Clovelly Beach, Sydney.


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